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Jennette has her own weight loss story... 

"Even though I have always loved health and fitness, I allowed circumstances take over my life and I ballooned up to almost 200 lbs. on my small 5'2" frame.  I was miserable in my marriage, I was completely broke and had two small children at home. I was feeling sorry for myself. I felt completely helpless and overwhelmed. My life was spinning out-of-control and I couldn't fix it!


Age 44

Jennette began competing as a powerlifter in 2015.  She finished 3rd at state and is 15 lbs away from the state record squat.  This year she plans on competing in Olympic Lifting and CrossFit as well as enhancing her powerlifting total and achievements.

Jennette was born and raised in Southern California and loves helping people achieve their goals. She recently married her long time sweetheart, Jerome Rerucha (a local chiropractor and fitness expert).  Jennette has two children and lives near Lake Oconee.  She is a CrossFit Certified Level 1 Coach, Certified Personal Trainer NSCA and  Certified Powerlifting Coach USAPL.

I woke up one morning and decided that although I can't do anything about my husband or my finances, I CAN do something! I can control what I do! I finally came to that certain point when you realize that you can't continue down this path of self sabbatoge and neglect. I was SICK of being fat, SICK of feeling like crap, SICK of being depressed. This wasn't me! I began by just getting outside to walk and quit eating junk food and sugar. I had to push my baby in a $8 thrift store stroller. But I did it, and quit making excuses. Everyday, hot or cold, we were out there!

From there I felt so much better, inside and out. I felt empowered and strong. It gave me the confidence that I needed to change my circumstances. I studied for a personal training certificate in order to train MYSELF.  The success that I had in my own out-of-control life has led me to help others do the same. Then I realized that this was the path that I wanted to take for my life! How liberating! Ever since then, I can't wait to meet my next client/friend. If I can do it, ANYONE can! Let me help you change your life for the better! I have programs for everyone. Rich or poor. All you need is a little determination! It doesn't cost you a penny to come talk to me.


in 1999

Instructor at Crossfit Eatonton & Personal Trainer

Train With Jennette